Special Support for Special Kids

The Hamilton County Partial Hospitalization (PH) Program at St. Aloysius provides a supportive, highly structured treatment environment for school-aged youth with more intense mental, emotional, social and behavioral problems that make it difficult for them to function effectively in their homes, communities and neighborhood schools. By using a proven approach called the Teaching Family Model—and working collaboratively with parents, teachers and other professionals—our PH program helps children develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to make positive changes and cope successfully with life’s inevitable challenges.

Our Treatment Team is Here to Help

St. Aloysius offers two tracks for Partial Hospitalization, or PH, depending on your child’s needs: Day Treatment and After–School PH. Youth appropriate for Day Treatment typically require a higher level of intervention, and are referred for problem behaviors through their neighborhood

schools. Youth in Day Treatment attend both therapeutic and education services on campus from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. Youth appropriate for After-School PH are usually able to attend full time at their neighborhood schools, but still require more intensive intervention than traditional

outpatient therapy can provide. After–School PH is in session from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

For us, every moment spent helping a child is an opportunity of a lifetime– the opportunity to change the course of a child’s life, a family’s life and a community’s life forever.

 How to Qualify

  • Youth must receive or be eligible for Medicaid
  • Youth must be referred through their neighborhood school
  • Youth attending Day Treatment must have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  • Youth must receive of have recently received a full mental health assessment

For information regarding costs and eligibility please call our Admissions Department at 513.242.7600

Special Support for Special Kids

St. Aloysius makes it easy for your child to get the mental health care he or she needs. Partial Hospitalization is a therapeutic program designed to teach children ages, 5–14, specific social skills and new behaviors to reduce the stressors associated with symptoms of mental illness. Each child is provided a therapist, a case manager, and psychiatrist (as needed). Family therapy and involvement is an integral part of the child’s treatment within the PH program and can assist with their success.

How Will My Child be Treated at St. Aloysius?

At St. Aloysius, we like to think of ourselves as a big family. As such, we make it our goal to help children with emotional, psychological, behavioral, developmental or social concerns in the least restrictive way possible.

Cambridge School

The Cambridge School offers a full day program consisting of half a day of academic instruction lead by our highly qualified Intervention

Specialist, and the other half with the Partial Hospitalization, or PH, Program. Each student is assigned a team of mental health professionals to assure their success.

Partial Hospitalization (PH)

This program is a good fit for many of our families whose children don’t need the long, and expensive, hospital stay. In PH,
we keep our groups small

so we are able to give your
child the attention he or she needs to become successful at school, in the community and in your home.

Our programs use the Teaching Family Model, a proven method to help children who struggle with self–discipline and behavior–management. To ensure a safe environment, most children attend PH in conjunction with their regular school.

 How to Qualify

  • Your child must receive Medicaid
  • We’ll need to know if your child has been hospitalized recently
  • We’ll need to know about the services your child has received in the past, and who provided those services

Please Note: Referrals for the Cambridge School and PH Program come through your local school district, any questions regarding referrals or qualifications need to be directed toward your district.

Please call us with any questions about our programs at 513.737.3400

Please call us with any questions about our programs at your preferred location

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Cambridge School of St. Aloysius

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