Spreading the Gift of Education

At St. Aloysius we believe that every child deserves to receive a good education, no matter what challenges they may be facing. As part of our mission, we strive to be a leader in furthering education for all children throughout our community and statewide. Part of the way we fulfill this mission is by being a proud Charter School Sponsor for the state of Ohio.

Making Dreams Real

We work with a lot of amazing
students who, for whatever reason, are not able to thrive
in the public school setting. Despite their challenges, we believe that these children are just as deserving to an exceptional education as their peers. As a Charter School Sponsor we are able to help schools and educators fulfill their dreams of helping students succeed.

To give these educators the
best chance at sponsorship,

we’ve teamed with Charter School Specialists to provide better sponsorship services to the schools under our community school sponsorship. By working
with Charter School Specialists, we’ve created a high quality team that can address and meet the needs of existing and new community schools. Charter School Specialists can lend
technical assistance in:

  • Facilities
  • Sponsor Compliance
  • Proposals
  • Contracts for Community Schools

In joining with Charter School Specialists, we are adding one of the most experienced organizations in sponsoring community schools to our already formidable team.

To Get Started

If you seek a partnership with a sponsor that shares your desire for helping children and families; if you find value in the advocacy that comes from having a sponsor that doesn’t have to balance the needs of traditional school systems or teacher unions; and if you find value in the support that comes from competent and trustworthy technical assistance, than consider a sponsorship relationship with St. Aloysius.

For more information about becoming a sponsored Charter School, please give us a call at 513.242.7600 or visit the Charter School Specialists’ website

To begin the process of becoming a sponsored Charter School, please navigate to the Downloads tab where you will be able to begin your application process. 

For more information, answers to your questions or to finalize your application, please call Charter School Specialists at 614.837.8945 or visit the Charter School Specialists’ website

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