Meeting Your Child’s Needs

At St. Aloysius we strive to bring the best in mental health care to the children and families of our community who are in need. Our qualified staff works with you and your child to develop a plan that is right for you. Many of our programs use the Teaching Family Model which finds success through working collaboratively with parents, teachers and other professionals to meet the needs of your child. 

How We Can Help Your Child

At St. Aloysius we want to ensure that all of your child’s mental health needs are being met. We offer a variety of services to help the children and families in our community get the help they need to live successful lives.

Community Psychiatric Support Treatment

Sometimes, our young people and families just need a little extra boost to help them identify and access the resources they need to succeed in their schools, their work, their homes and their communities. At St. Aloysius, our team of case managers stand ready to assist with a wide variety of challenges based on an ongoing assessment of an individual needs.
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Early Childhood Therapy Services

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Partial Hospitalization

The Hamilton County Partial Hospitalization (PH) Program at St. Aloysius provides a supportive, highly structured treatment environment for school-aged youth with more intense mental, emotional, social and behavioral problems that make it difficult for them to function effectively in their homes, communities and neighborhood schools. By using a proven approach called the Teaching Family Model—and working collaboratively with parents, teachers and other professionals—our PH program helps children develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to make positive changes and cope successfully with life’s inevitable challenges.
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Outpatient Therapy

The Hamilton County Outpatient Therapy Program at St. Aloysius is a family-friendly treatment destination for children, teens and families seeking guidance and support to overcome a variety of mental, emotional, social and behavioral challenges. We provide convenient, “one–stop” access to a full range of education, therapy and medication services for youth ages 4 through 18, and youth with developmental disabilities can stay with the program until they are 23.
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Psychiatric Services

St Aloysius provides psychiatric services to families who have made the decision to utilize psychopharmacological medications as a treatment for their child’s mental health diagnosis. Our qualified doctors and nurses ensure that the client and family are accurately assessed, educated and monitored related to diagnoses and medications. Routine follow up for psychopharmacological services are vital to assure continuity and quality of care.
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Psychological Assessments

At St. Aloysius, we recognize the importance of accurate diagnoses to inform treatment. Psychological assessment refers to the battery of tests administered to evaluate the intellectual, academic, emotional and behavioral functioning of a child or teen. This process can be invaluable in the quest to understand and address the learning and mental health needs of our clients and the results and recommendations can positively affect the child’s or adolescent’s schooling and family life.
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School–Based Services

St. Aloysius provides a variety of School–Based Services for special needs children within Hamilton County. We are committed to providing a full continuum of care to the clients we serve. Our School–Based model provides the highest level of collaboration in the least restrictive setting. Each child is provided a therapist, who can assess the needs of the child and make additional referrals as needed. Family therapy and involvement is an integral part of the child’s treatment program goals, interventions and can greatly assist with their success.
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We Want to Hear from You

At St. Aloysius we make helping you and your family manage your child’s mental health needs our top priority. We are committed to helping our community, with several locations throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, we aim to bring exceptional mental health services closer to you.

If you or a loved one are interested in any of our services or would like to learn more, please give us a call today at 513.242.7600

 If you or a loved one are interested in any of our services or would like to learn more, please give us a call today at 513.242.7600. Or call the location nearest you to see what services are offered at that location. 

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