Helping to Understand Your Child’s Needs

At St. Aloysius, we recognize the importance of accurate diagnoses to inform treatment. Psychological assessment refers to the battery of tests administered to evaluate the intellectual, academic, emotional and behavioral functioning of a child or teen. This process can be invaluable in the quest to understand and address the learning and mental health needs of our clients and the results and recommendations can positively affect the child’s or adolescent’s schooling and family life.

Referral and Assessment Process

Typical assessment referrals:

  • ADD & hyperactivity issues
  • Learning disabilities
  • Giftedness
  • Learning/processing issues
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Depression, anxiety, etc
  • Trauma reactions
  • Social problemsDisruptive behavior disorders
  • Parent–Child relational issues


Referrals are typically made by the child’s school, parent, pediatrician,
or therapist. All assessments include structured interviews with parent(s) or caregiver(s) and the referred child/teen as well as assessment of intellectual, behavioral and emotional functioning. Additional measures may be added to address referral question(s). A complete review of the child’s treatment chart is conducted when possible.

Assessments are usually scheduled in the morning when most children function at their best. One or two testing sessions may be scheduled, depending on the child’s age and number of tests/measures given. Including parent/caregiver interviews, testing is approximately four to five hours. Feedback is given in person approximately 30 days after testing is completed.

Schedule of Fees/Insurance*

  • Standard Battery (4 hours): $600.00, including report (additional or redacted reports $25.00 each)
  • Additional hours including testing, feedback, school meetings, consultation: $150.00/hour

*Clients are responsible for obtaining benefits information from their insurer. Clients are responsible for the remaining balance of what may not be covered by insurance

Call us today and ask for more information regarding our Psychological Assessment Services at 513.869.4017

Call us today and ask for more information regarding our Psychological Assessment Services at 513.869.4017

Kim J. Rosenzweig, Psy. D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Cambridge School of St. Aloysius

3101 Dixie Highway
Hamilton, OH 45105

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Psychological Assessment Services