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Foster Care

St. Aloysius offers a Teaching parent/Foster Care Program for children birth to 18.  This unique program was developed to provide a less restrictive, less costly but equally effective alternative to residential treatment for emotionally disturbed children. We have also enlarged our scope to offer homes for children with lower levels of needs.  St Aloysius incorporates the Family Teaching Model to provide community and family-based treatment.

Population Served

Birth to 18 years of age
Pregnant Teens
Teen Mothers

Our foster parents are trained in the Family Teaching Model, based on social learning theory and offer a balance of love and structure to these children.  Foster parents are licensed for treatment level foster care for two children with exceptions made for sibling groups.  Children receive mental health services from their case workers under the Community Support Program (CSP), if needed.  These services are paid through Medicaid and authorizations are expected for therapeutic level children who enter our program.

If needed, we can provide a continuum of care for our children through Outpatient Therapy, In School Therapy, Med Somatic Clinic services, Partial Hospitalization and our Education Center.